Marta Karkosa

In my artistic projects I am interested in the naturalness of the human body and its diversity in every human being. I focus primarily on photography. Studies in the New Media Department gave me the opportunity to acquire skills. I had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus scholarship and went to Italy to study in Academy of Fine Arts. Under the wings of professor Avesani I conceptualized the main ideas behind my work and that photography would be the medium. Cooperation with various fashion brands enabled me to master the workshop. In 2019 my summer photo campaign for the MOYE brand was published in Polish Vogue. I also had two exhibitions at which I showed selected photographs. One of them took place in
2018 and the other in 2019 at 27 Francuska Street. In my photos I show above all naturalness and authenticity. Mostly my models are women and I focus my creative attention on them. At the moment I am doing photo orders for portfolio for actors and fashion brands. In addition to photography I also create illustrations for upcoming book right now. I sell my selected illustrations on my instagram account.

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