Polina Kuzmenko

My name is Polina Kuzmenko. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Right now, I live and study in Warsaw, Poland. This year (2020) I am finishing my Bachelor studies on the faculty of New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. I mostly prefer working with illustration, graphic design, and
animation. That is why my graduation project is a remake of the Ukrainian folk tale for kids. I created illustrations, book cover, and the overall design of the book. As well as added Augmented Reality animations on top of some illustrations as additional entertainment for kids. I also like to participate in
international competitions, especially on social topics like racial and gender equality. I see myself as an active and open-minded person, who seeks to grow, explore, and learn. In 2019 I have participated in the Erasmus+ student exchange program and got a scholarship to study Global Design at IADE in Lisbon, Portugal. I really enjoyed this experience, because the program let me not only study for a semester in a different school and meet new people but also to research another country and its culture. I enjoy traveling and having an active life, that is why my immediate objective is to participate in the UN volunteering program. I not only study Graphic Design at the University but also apply my knowledge on practice. For the last year, I have been working remotely as a graphic designer for a Canadian company called PartsAvatar. I also work as a freelancer – this lets me try myself in various interesting projects. For example, my last freelance projects were: food packaging design, design of the visual style for a coffee place in Istanbul, and creating visuals for an international cybersecurity conference in Kyiv.

My website: http://polinakuzmenko.online/

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