Hai Duong Minh

My name is Minh Hai Duong, I’m from Vietnam. I’m an Multimedia Artist including: 3D Artist, Film
Maker, Photographer, Watercolorist & Music Producer.
The game „WHAT THE WORD” is a VR game, players can draw & paint in the 3D environments. Via
Multiplayer System, players all over the world can join. Based on the famous original game „catch the
word” which is played traditionally with pen on 2D flat papers, but now it turns into 3D view.
In this VR game, players can draw or paint using the tool named VR Brush (the tool works like Tilt Brush
from Google). When one player is drawing in VR, others players can see and watch that drawing in real
time with another VR headset. Exactly the same like original game „catch the word”, others players need
to guess and write down the name of the subject which is being drawn. The language which the players
use to write the name of the subject will be assigned from the beginning of the game (English, Polish,
Vietnamese etc.)
The purpose of the game is to connect people using visual & language art. People can study languages,
learn drawing & painting, joking or even chatting, everything will be in a funny way.