Natalia Opalińska

In my artistic practice, I never limit myself. I’m constantly exploring, I move between different areas, whether it is, f.ex. a video or an illustration, I like to find ways to connect them.. I mostly create in digital, therefore it gives me a lot of tools to connect all my interests in one piece of work. However, hand-made projects are very enjoyable for me, since they give me opportunities the digital art doesn’t. In the future, I would like to work as a freelancer in many areas, such as video, animation, illustration or publication design. I believe that skills gained in different fields might strongly influence my efficiency in other, therefore it would boost my creativity. Studying at PJAIT taught me many different crafts, therefore I am fully aware of the market and I can further specialise in many areas, already knowing them. Apart from the university, I also work as a graphic designer in tech, advertising and movie industries.

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