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Polina Kuzmenko

My name is Polina Kuzmenko. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Right now, I live and study in Warsaw, Poland. This year (2020) I am finishing my Bachelor studies on the faculty of New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. I mostly prefer working with illustration, graphic design, andanimation. That is why my graduation project is a remake of the Ukrainian folk tale for kids. I created illustrations, book cover, and the overall design of the book. As well as added Augmented Reality animations on top of some illustrations as additional entertainment for kids. I also like...

Sofiia Moroz

I am Sofiia Moroz, s17565. My nickname is Sophie Mori. I am a 3D generalist and level artist. Few years ago I was an exterior and interior designer. studied how to create small architectural objects and flat interior. During my studies in art college I learned how to work with the space inside building and landscape. My previous degree as an environmental designer gave me ability to improve my skills as a designer and gave understanding of what 3D modeling in general is. The idea of creating unique and unusual objects as a part of interior and exterior led me...

Ewa Świć

My project was dedicated to clothing brands. Lately, clothing has become disposable rather than something to be cherished. In my work, I wanted to show that fast fashion has many bad sides and that there is another option to enjoy „new” having clothes that are not new in the literal meaning. I invite you to the website where I tell you how I created a clothing brand only using clothes available in second hand. My website: http://ewaportfolio.myartsonline.com

Jeremiasz Ojrzyński

In my works I’m interested mainly in joining different media and different areas of art.I try to connect all of my biggest interests, which are design, photography and opera. Studies in the New Media Department allowed me to broaden my perspective, taught me to experiment and not to be scared to try. Studying under prof. Kalina showed how to persevere, how to stick to my ideas, and be patient in creating them. Collaboration with dr inż. Szklanny and dr hab. Schwencke allowed me to develop my interests and realise my dream vision of my diploma. My website: http://rzeremaj.eu/

Victor Bravo

Hello! My name is Victor Bravo and I’m a Chilean artist and aspiring animator. I’m passionate about animated short films and visual story telling of all kinds. This year, I have been making my own short animated film about a young boy whose grandfather has recently passed away goes into his grandfather’s house to discover that he had a secret desk room full of mementos from his past adventures. As the boy picks up some of these mementos, he has visions of the places his grandfather once discovered.. If you’d like to check it out and see how my film...

Karolina Burliga

My name is Karolina, I am a Polish illustrator and animator based in Warsaw. I am passionate about storytelling in every medium, whether it is a book, a game or a movie. I find inspiration in history, philosophy and literature. I would love to engage in collaborations with other creatives, especially regarding any storytelling projects. I hope to share my vision and enthusiasm with others so that I can bring my share of wonder into the world. My website:http://karolinaburliga.com/

Michał Szczepanik

The purpose of my website is to let the world know about myself and my work. You can read thwere who I am, where I come from, and where I’m heading. As a young aspiring animator and a graphic designer, I’m also sharing there my projects and providing descriptions and behind-the-scenes footage and comments on them. This website will be continually updated, so all my new projects and portfolio contents will be up to date. If you like what I do, want to ask some questions, or just be friends, you can also send me a message from this website...

Natalia Przybysz

I’m a designer mostly interested in illustration, posters – but also wandering towards film and animation. I’ve obtained a BA in History of Art, which provided me with analytical approach towards visual culture. I believe that as a designer I should take on social and political topics, as a form of contribution to society. However, I don’t like when my works are too serious, I think we can find a healthy balance in laughing – hence, I use humor and grotesque as a way to relieve tension. My website: http://nprzybysz.pl/

Kacper Weyna

My main goal which I set for my diploma project and in my life right now is to change people’s perception of stage design. I want to show that by using minimalistic scenographies in which we will use only projections and lightning we will receive a synesthetic experience that will be very thoroughgoing. It will connect experiences that are received on concerts, performances and theatre play. I hope that I will realize my dreams and soon my way of thinking about theatres will spread among whole nations and will be shown all over the world. My website: kacperweyna.pl/

Mehrinisso Saidullaeva

Hi! Welcome to my website! During the diploma project I have raised my animation and 3D modelling skills and now you can check the whole process from zero to final. Dreaming to become an animator made myself a hard worker and open minded for new ideas. Never give up on your wishes and follow your heart it always helps to achieve the explicit final result My website: http://mehrinisso.pandr.site/

Marta Karkosa

In my artistic projects I am interested in the naturalness of the human body and its diversity in every human being. I focus primarily on photography. Studies in the New Media Department gave me the opportunity to acquire skills. I had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus scholarship and went to Italy to study in Academy of Fine Arts. Under the wings of professor Avesani I conceptualized the main ideas behind my work and that photography would be the medium. Cooperation with various fashion brands enabled me to master the workshop. In 2019 my summer photo campaign for...

Nikita Mazurkevych

If you would like to discover more about avant-garde graphic design and how it developed, I invite you to visit my website and find out about that little side of history. My project covers the artistic progression of one of the most prominent figures in early 20th-century avant-garde in a cohesive and easy to understand package that will expand your horizons on the history of visual communication. My website: https://nikmaz.pl/

Viktoryia Tsitavets

Coming up with the idea for my diploma project, I draw the most inspiration from the Dystopian visualidentity, focusing primarily on the late 80-90s. Being always interested in fashion industry, I`ve decided tomove forward with my friends upcoming project, which is mainly conceptualizes the ideas of clean andfuturistic clothing design. Studies in the New Media Department allowed me to go further with differentaspects of visual language and have opened a new world of possibilities which were hidden for me before.After a long research process, the final product will be shaped into experimental ad, which brings togetherVHS and 3D medias, old...

Karolina Szymańczak

My name is Karolina Szymańczak and I am an aspiring 3D designer and fashion illustrator still in the process of learning! My website features my diploma project, a 3D animation and a dissertation, that combines those two interests of mine and concerns the matter of digital fashion. On my website, you can find the idea behind the story of the film, fashion concept illustrations as well as their three-dimensional versions and the “making of” video. Also, you are welcome to read my academic thesis about the phenomenon of digital fashion in the current epoch, the Anthropocene. My website: http://szymanczak.pl/

Ursula Tabaka

Hi! My name is Ursula and I am a digital artist. On my website youʼll find a whole bunch of interesting projects: bizarre character concepts, cute 3D models, animations, and, most importantly, a fun-to-play video game! I can promise thatin my gallery youʼll definitely discover something inspiring and exciting for yourself. Even if youʼre a boring nerd that is not interested in anything apart from books — then you can at least read my thesis and expand your knowledgeon art and video games. Click here to see my website