Tag: 3D

Viktoryia Tsitavets

Coming up with the idea for my diploma project, I draw the most inspiration from the Dystopian visualidentity, focusing primarily on the late 80-90s. Being always interested in fashion industry, I`ve decided tomove forward with my friends upcoming project, which is mainly conceptualizes the ideas of clean andfuturistic clothing design. Studies in the New Media Department allowed me to go further with differentaspects of visual language and have opened a new world of possibilities which were hidden for me before.After a long research process, the final product will be shaped into experimental ad, which brings togetherVHS and 3D medias, old...

Karolina Szymańczak

My name is Karolina Szymańczak and I am an aspiring 3D designer and fashion illustrator still in the process of learning! My website features my diploma project, a 3D animation and a dissertation, that combines those two interests of mine and concerns the matter of digital fashion. On my website, you can find the idea behind the story of the film, fashion concept illustrations as well as their three-dimensional versions and the “making of” video. Also, you are welcome to read my academic thesis about the phenomenon of digital fashion in the current epoch, the Anthropocene. My website: http://szymanczak.pl/